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Our Cover Options:

Premium Coverplus includes

24 Hour 7 Day a week Roadside assist.

Free lockout, Free five liters of fuel, free jumpstart! (please see policy documentation for terms and conditions and additional benefits)

Free Transfer of balance of Warranty if you decide to sell your car to member of the public (not a car dealer)

The Company will pay reasonable cost to the repair covered componets during the period of Insurance subject to the following claim limit:

A) New Zealand New (excluding European,diesel and performance cars) under 10 years and less
than 130,000 kms, to purchase price of car.
B) Vehicles under 10 years and less than 130000 kms - $5000
C) Vehicles under 15 years and less than 225,000 kms - $2,500
D) Vehicles under 20 years and less than 300,000 kms - $1,500
(NOTE Vehicles 250,000 -300,000 klms are subject to a maximum term of 1 year, and a full service is
required at point of sale.)

Excess on all claims optional $100 or $250 ONE EXCESS CHARGED PER WORKSHOP VISIT

No Stand down period Day one cover

Unlimited kilometers after purchase date

Claim limit does not reduce as klms travelled increases.

Full Guarantee for Mechanical and Electrical parts Payment of both parts and labour costs additional
benefits include.

- Towing, accommodation and car hire cover
- Credit Payments
- Hotel / Motel accommodation if out of town

Simple service requirements by any MTA or AA Approved Repairer

Claims paid direct to repairer

All parts covered except those detailed under "exclusions" in the policy booklet.

All Premium Policies come with Roadside Assistance 24 hour 7 day a week Free call Number

Diesel vehicles included.

* These points are a guide only and does not form part pf the policy, please refer to PDF for exact policy wording.



Component Coverplus



CCI - Loan protection Insurance


GAP - Loan Equity Insurance

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